More AC2015 badges and a couple others

Some AC 2015 badges, another ReFURence tag, and a badge for MCFC :)
Aurora Back Aurora Front
Rogue WolfskyFeb 2015 AC Badges


Some more badges

ReFURence Badge by Rain and another badge design.



New Badge Examples

Some new Badge designs Rain and IĀ are working on

C&R Matsi Inmate

C&R Matsi

Graffix back

graffix front




Batch 4 of badges Feb 2015

Another batch of badges for Feb 2015 :)

Batch4 Feb2015 Sera

Batch4 Feb2015 Mikataro

Batch4 Feb2015 NomCrunch

Custom Plushies and Figurines

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Want a custom plush or figurine of you pet, or even of your fursona? Cuddleclones takes photos you send them and turns them into plushies and figurines matching pretty much exactly to the photos! They most advertise being for getting replicas of your pets, but they also will take photos of existing plushies to make replacements and will take a picture, such as a reference sheet of your fursona, and make it. As far as I have found, there is no limits to this, tho I suggest sending them SFW photos :P

Click here to visit their site
Use Coupon Code: “khaos” to get a 10% discount

Third Batch of Feb 2015 Badges

Small batch of cards, still really loving the multi-colored ones :)

Batch 3 Feb 2015 Furry ID Badges

Second Batch of Feb 2015 Badges

Another rainbow one, YAY!!!! :P

Batch2 Feb2015

First Batch of Feb 2015 Badges

Here’s the first set of badges for February :)

Batch1 Feb2015


Last minute straggler for the upcoming cons :P



This batch was full of colorful critters that came out AMAZING printed onto the cards! I am very happy with them!

Batch2 Jan2015