Plastic Cards

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Custom Plastic Card Prints ~ $10 each

(As low as $2 each for bulk orders)

We use our ID Card Printer to print nearly anything onto Plastic Cards. These cards are roughly the size of your average credit card. They are far more durable than paper, the images are not printed on but dyed into the plastic and then covered with a protective layer. The plastic cards are thick like your average credit card or personal ID so the art we print onto them will not tear or bend. We can print up to 300 DPI onto these cards, they are great for badges, but can have any image put on them. They are also great for fun novelty ID cards, special business or contact cards or any number of other uses. Keep checking back in the future for our upcoming series of standard and semi-custom premade badge and card layouts.

We can also work with customers wanting bulk cards, as few as stacks of tens of mass prints of the same images for resale or display by you, to as many as several hundreds for hotel keys for cons and events. We do discounts for bulk orders, contact us for more information and quotes!

Bulk Package Deals

“Dozen” $54.00 12 Cards $4.50/card
“The Beast” $72.00 18 Cards $4.00/card
“The Answer” $126.00 42 Cards $3.00/card
“Hundred” $200.00 100 Cards $2.00/card